Saturday, November 19, 2011

Boarding School

The other day, Flik and I got in the car to drive to preschool. As we were pulling out of the garage, Flik offers the following words of wisdom: "Mommy, did you know that there are other kids that aren't as smart as me." Lovely. After a brief pause to reflect on the wonderful job I'm doing of teaching my child modesty, I formulated a response.
Mommy: OK. Number 1, we don't say things like that.
Flik: Why?
Mommy: Because you're essentially saying that other kids aren't very smart and also because, even if you are smarter than some kids, it's not very nice to brag about it.
Flik: Oh. (Clearly unswayed by my argument.)
Mommy: And number 2: while yes, it is true that there are some kids that aren't as smart as you, it is also true that there are some kids who are smarter than you.
Flik: Really??? (The sound of amazement was in his voice. We may need to reconsider how much praise we heap upon this kid.)
Mommy: Yes, really.
Flik: Hmm. They must go to boarding school.
Mommy: What!? Why would you think that smarter kids go to boarding school.
Flik: Because that's where they learn math and science.
We have since pieced together the various facts that he gathered from Mommy, Daddy, and our nanny, but it's astounding how he put them all together and created this. I wonder how the rest of the world is assembled in his head.