Monday, July 16, 2012

They Need a Real Baby

Flik is just staring to get the concept of "actors" playing "roles" in movies. This was prompted by the realization that Han Solo is also Indiana Jones. (Letting Flik watch Indiana Jones proved to be a little too much action/adventure for this Mommy, so now we're going to go on a puppy & kitten movie marathon for the next few weeks, but I digress.)

Anyway, we were in the car and Flik says, "So they needed a real baby for Harry Potter?"

Using my Super Mommy ability to deduce what that incomplete thought must mean, I realized he was asking about the baby in the movie.
Mommy: Yes, Dear. There was a real baby in the movie. 
Flik: So they had to make the baby sleep and stuff? 
Mommy: Well, no. When you need a baby to sleep in a movie, you pretty much wait until the baby goes to sleep on his own and then you shoot the baby sleeping.
... silence ...
Flik: You shoot the baby?
Yikes! Imagine now five minutes of Mommy backpedaling trying to explain how you shoot pictures and shoot movies and hoping I haven't scarred my child by having had him just envision people shooting baby Harry Potter to make the movie.

He seems fine. But if he ends up in therapy, I'm sure he'll just print out this blog post and bring it with him.