Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Little Ant and a Tiny Ant

One of Flik's many toys is one of those punching bag Bozo's that you're supposed to be able to hit and it pops back up. Who on earth thought it was a good idea for children to beat the crap out of a blowup bozo doll is the subject for another day, but just know that I think the idea was not entirely well thought out.

Flik's Bozo punching bag does not pop back up when you hit it. In fact, it rarely even stands up on its own. This is because when you spend all of your time sitting on/riding the Bozo punching bag like a horse, it loses a little of it umph.

Anyway, Flik was playing with/sitting on Bozo the other day, when all of a sudden I hear a loud yell.
Flik: Aaahhhhh!!!!! Mommy!!!! 
Mommy: What's wrong? 
Flik: There's a bug! 
(Reminder here, Flik is a 4-year-old little boy.)
Mommy: (Walk over to Flik and Bozo. I am not eager about engaging with a bug, but must do my motherly duties) Where?
Flik: (Pointing) Right there.
He points to one ant. And it is one of those teeny, tiny, almost microscopic ants.
Mommy: Oh, buddy. That's a tiny ant. You don't have to worry about those. (I reach down and squish it with my finger.)
Flik: Because they're so small, we can just squish them?
Mommy:  Yes. You can just squish them.
Flik: OR!!! (Please note the enthusiasm.) We can just let them crawl on our arm.
Mommy: Um... sure, I guess. If you want to let one of the tiny ants crawl on your arm, I guess that's fine.
Flik: Can I put it in my nose?
What??? Seriously, why would that even occur to you?

No! No you cannot put ants into your nose!

Oh, heaven help me. I have TWO little boys.


Erika said...

haha... That's awesome! I guess I have more fun to look forward to!

I'm already amazed every time my son dives head first off the changing table or out of my arms and I have to catch him. Especially since I grew up hearing what a calm & cautious little one I was. I clearly had no idea what I was in for! yay for little boys who keep us guessing and laughing! :-)

RaRa said...

Very cute! Flik has an awesome imagination!

rubyspikes said...

I do love my two boys. I don't know if I love the bugs in the nose facet of the imagination. :)

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