Friday, September 6, 2013

The Bean Incident

Z is turning three and just started pre-school this week. It's been pretty stressful for me. Baby growing up. Baby not potty trained. Fear of said baby having a #2 accident at school and getting poop all over himself.

Also... fear of life after Nanny. You see, it's also our Nanny's last week on the job, now that both kids will be in school all day. But it turns out, Z has been doing great at using the school potty. Wahoo! In fact, our biggest excitement of the week had nothing to do things coming out of his body in inappropriate circumstances. In fact, we've had rather the opposite.

On Wednesday of this week, Z's teacher contacted me to let me know that Z had stuck a bean up his nose. They had removed it, but he said that there was another one. They couldn't see another one, but they couldn't be sure. So I called the pediatrician, who said it'd be best to bring him in, which I did. A quick check up the nose revealed... No bean. Well, that's a relief. 

Fast forward to Friday afternoon. Z has been stuffy since Wednesday. A remnant from the one bean removed on Wednesday? Possibly, I guess. Anyway, it's Friday afternoon and we're saying goodbye to our Nanny, when Z takes a sip of water which apparently went down the wrong pipe. He starts coughing, snot bubbling out of his nose, when suddenly our Nanny yells, "Bean!" Then she practically leaps over the counter between her and my son and snags a huge bean from his nostril before he inhales and sucks it back up his nose. 

Now, that is not quite how I expected Z's first week of pre-school to end, but man, THAT is how you spend the last 5 minutes on the job.