Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Story Sticks: The Bored Wizard

This past weekend, we made Saturday a project day. One of our projects was to create story sticks. I posted the process on the other blog: Story Sticks. The end result of the project was that Flik had to create a story with the following parameters:

  • character: wizard
  • conflict: bored
  • setting: school
  • "special item": cookies

Here was Flik's story:

Once upon a time, there was a wizard and he was four. And he was bored at his school. So he asked his teacher if they could make cookies, but his teacher said, "No."

So he was still bored. He tried to escape from the school, but he couldn't because the windows were locked. He tried to take the key from the wall hanging from the hook to unlock the windows. But it was so far up because there was this tall person who unlocks the windows. And that tall person was the only person who could reach the keys.

So he tried to steal the school's axe, but the axe was hanging from a rope up on the ceiling because the same tall person had to get it.

Then he takes his hands and breaks the lowest window. He jumps out the window and runs away so that the teachers won't catch him.

Then a policeman saw him. But the wizard was so fast (crazy fast), he went all around the world until ran until he ran into the same policeman again. And the policeman caught him and brought him to the jail.

The End.