Saturday, May 14, 2011

Impossible Expectations

Tonight the whole family was in the car driving to a restaurant, Daddy & Mommy up front, Flik & Z strapped into their car seats in the back. We did not hear the offending sound, but we did get the official announcement:
Flik: (In the sing-songiest voice you can  imagine. Almost like na-na-nana-na.) I ju-ust fart-ed. (giggles) 
Mommy: (In an exasperated, but Motherly tone) Flik, I'd really like you to stop doing that. 
Flik: (pauses for a moment, then sounding confused) You don't want me to fart anymore?
Mommy: No, Flik. You can fart. I don't want you to think it's funny.
I look at Daddy and we both start laughing at the absurdity of the non-sense I just uttered. I asked my four-year-old son to stop thinking farts are funny. How about I start with getting my 36-year-old husband to stop thinking they're funny first. Ah well, parenting is done on the fly. Sometimes the words come out before your brain can think of the optimal response. It happens.


MrsPickle said...

My daughter will proudly, loudly tell me "Mom, I just tooted!" many, many times per day. She's almost 4. I hope she does it in high school... it'll keep the boys away (I always have a plan) LOL

Sarah said...

That is hilarious!
Maybe because we have 3 boys... I laughed extra hard.
We say the craziest stuff as Mom's don't we??

A Hootie Hoot said...

Sad to say, it will never happen. My Dad is 71 and he still thinks farts are funny. You're doomed! But, then again, so am I since my hubs and son think they're funny too. : )

RaRa said...

Cavan thinks farts are absolutely hilarious. I guess all kids (and grown men) fall victim to the humor of bodily functions.

rubyspikes said...

MrsPickle: Good luck with that.

Sarah: Right? Thinking sometimes follows speaking.

Hoot: Of course it won't. Boys.

RaRa: At least there's and end in sight for your little girl. :)

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