Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Z is Sleeping

On Sunday night, Daddy asked before going to sleep, "When was the last time Z woke up in the middle of the night?" It had been a while. Several weeks. At least three. We were ready to call it:

Z is officially sleeping through the night. 
(This is where you imagine trumpeting horns and big smiles on the faces of Mommy and Daddy.)

Guess who woke up extra early Monday morning? *sigh*

But I am not ready to reverse the ruling. While we did go in and feed him, rock him, and put him back in his crib, there were some extraordinary circumstances. A) He didn't wake up until 5 am, which is earlier than his normal 6:30, but is not anything like waking up at 2 am. B) When we woke up to him crying, the house was freezing. We had turned the heat off now that it's spring, but apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo, because it was 60-some degrees in the house. So Mommy is hoping that it was a fluke. That Z was simply saying, "What the heck, Mommy and Daddy. Turn on the heat!"

Let's hope so, because these 10-12 hour stretches of consecutive sleep are SWEET!


adee4 said...

I can't wait to every one every day sleeps through the night...last night :( we had a guest @ 2 that kicked me until 4 then I had to get up @ five.

rubyspikes said...

We don't allow guests unless they/he has special dispensation. We've added it to our reward system. If you haven't earned enough tokens, you don't get to sleep in our bed.

In other news: I sleep better when I'm not being kicked.

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