Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet the Ants

So I've decided that if I'm going to share stories about my ants with the whole world, I'm going to give them pseudonyms. Who knows, maybe when the baby ant is looking for his first job, his potential employer might read this blog and think, "What!? You weren't crawling yet at 7 months old? What a slacker." And with all the potential for cyber-bullying. Who knows?

So anyway, meet my ants:

Flik is four years old. His hobbies include watching TV, playing chase, and hanging out with Daddy. His favorite movie is Finding Nemo. Ironically, he has never seen A Bug's Life.

Z is nearly 7 months old. He's a bit of a heavy drinker, but at least he's a happy drinker. His favorite activities include eating, jumping, and watching his big brother.

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OakParkGirl said...

So is he going to be really confused next time I see him and call him Flik? Cause I like it, I'm using it :)

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