Friday, March 11, 2011

Tanker Truck Disabled by Mischievous Mouse

Today while driving Flik to pre-school we passed a tanker truck.

Flik:  Mommy, how do they fill the tanker truck.

Mommy:  There's a hole in the top of the tanker truck and there's a special building that has a hose that comes down from the ceiling.  They put the hose into the hole and fill up the truck.  (I have no idea how close to accurate this is, but it seems plausible.)

Flik:  But what if a little mouse comes out of a hole in the building and climbs into the truck and bites off the steering wheel and the steering wheel falls off.  How will the tanker truck drive?

Mommy:  Umm.... (This is not where I was expecting this line of questioning to go.)  I guess it wouldn't.

Flik:  Oh.


OakParkGirl said...

I love this! Also, definitely plausible :p

Anonymous said...

You may have finally met your match intellectually. Maybe you should consider gathering up a few more degrees before he reaches the teen years. He could blow you away!!!
I love reading these. Thanks so much for doing this.

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