Saturday, April 30, 2011

S is for Save

Sometimes when I'm working in the office at home, Flik likes to hang out in there with me. The trick is always finding something for him to do that will entertain him longer than 45 seconds and will not spark of flurry of questions from him. That latter part is actually quite a puzzle. Everything sparks questions. But last week my solution was to offer to let him go through one of the desk drawers. This particular desk drawer contained miscellaneous computer accessories that aren't currently being used, such as keyboards and cables and a mouse or two. Flik loved it. (Though of course, he did want to ask about every piece he pulled out.) Flik began setting up the different items on the floor for his own "computer". Once he had everything arranged, he sat down and began typing away. He told me that he was "sending emails and stuff." When Z woke up from his nap, I asked Flik if he would come with me to get the baby. Flik protested.

Flik: If I leave, everything might get erased.

Mommy: It's not going to get erased. I need you to come with me.

Flik: But what if it does????? (lots of whining)

Mommy: OK, why don't you save it so that it doesn't get erased?

Flik: (Perplexed) How do I do that?

Mommy: Just hit the "S" key. S is for save.

Flik: No. That won't work. If I hit the S key, it will just make an S.

Mommy: OK, sorry. You have to hit Control-S.

Flik: No. I told you that won't work.

Mommy: Come see. (I sit back down, he crawls up on my lap and I open a blank Word document.) Hit the S key.

Flik: (hits the S key) See. I told you. It made an S.

Mommy: (holds down Control and S key) See when I press the Control key, it doesn't make an S, it saves it.

Flik gets a huge grin, hops off of my lap and goes to his keyboard on the floor. He presses the Control Key and presses the S key. He stands up and says, "OK. We can go now."

So now I know:

  1. Flik will not be satisfied with pretend answers, even for his pretend computer.
  2. Flik now knows more keyboard shortcut keys than some of my co-workers.