Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Question, Kiddo

Yesterday we went to the Air and Water show. We took public transportation and it was Flik's first time on a Metra train. He was pretty excited and enjoyed the ride a lot. We sat upstairs (of course). The upstairs seats are single seats, but you can flip them so that they face each other. Flik sat facing Daddy and I sat behind Daddy. At one point I heard, "Mommy, look!" I look over Daddy' shoulder to see Flik standing in between Daddy's legs instead of sitting in his seat.

Flik: Look, Mommy! I'm standing WHILE the train is moving.
Mommy: (shakes head slowly) That's probably not a very good idea. It's not very safe.
Flik: But Daddy said it was ok.
Mommy: I know. But it's just safer if you stay in your seat.

Flik flops back down onto his seat.

Flik: (to Daddy) Mommy. Is. Crazy.
Daddy: No, Mommy's not crazy. She is just trying to make sure you stay safe.
Flik: (short pause) Why aren't you doing that?
Mommy: (giggles)
Daddy: Yeah, that's a good question, Kiddo.

Hehe. My kid is so smart.