Monday, March 28, 2011

The Camping Bin

We have a storage room in our basement. It is filled with things that are awesome to a four year old. (Otherwise known as holiday decorations and junk that Mommy won't let Daddy throw away.)

Flik was playing in the basement and decided to see if he could get away with checking out the storage room. He could not.

Daddy: Flik, get out of the storage room.

Flik: Daddy, can you get me the camping bin?

Daddy: No.

Flik: Why not?

Daddy: Because you can't play with everything in that bin. Everything in that bin is not a toy.

Flik: How 'bout this: everything in that bin that is safe for me you get out and everything that's not safe for me you not get out? How 'bout that?

Daddy: That sounds logical.

Flik: Yeah. How 'bout that?

Daddy: OK. How about 10 minutes?

Flik: How about 2 minutes?

Daddy: Fine.

I can't tell if he's going to become a lawyer or just spend a lot of time at flea markets.