Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cleanup Time with Pig

This afternoon Flik had taken out several different types of toys: cars, books, activity mats, and a toy vacuum. He was preparing to take out yet another toy when I suggested that we take a few minutes to clean up some of the toys we were no longer playing with. He agreed without putting up much of a fight, so long as Pig could help. (Pig is a stuffed animal. Not one of the favorites, just happened to be in his hands at the moment.)

Of course Pig can help.

Mommy worked on the books and Pig and Flik were assigned to the cars. Pig then got the fun job of using the golf club to reach the toys hiding under the couch. Occasionally there would be some whining about whether it was still cleaning time or playing time. Flik would then inform me that it was Pig that was whining, not him. Flik then explained to Pig that if he kept whining, he would end up in time out.

When we were down to the last few toys that we had fished out from under the couch, I asked Pig to put away the toy screwdriver. Flik maneuvers Pig's hands so that Pig is holding the toy and then "flies" Pig and the screwdriver toward the toy bin.

"Mommy, did you know that Pig can fly?"

Smile. I love these little moments where he says something so cute and has no idea of the cultural relevance.

But in case any of you were waiting for this particular moment, Pig can fly.

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