Monday, March 21, 2011

What's a Spigot?

You know what a spigot is, right? Can you tell me what it is? Go ahead, give it a shot. It's not that easy. Well, you probably still did better than I did.  Here's how it went.

Well, first of all I should tell you that we have a reward system at our house.  I built a set of Lego stairs and there's a little Lego fireman that climbs the stairs when Flik is well behaved. When the fireman gets to the top, Flik gets a treat. In case you're wondering, a typical treat is 2 TV tokens, each worth 30 minutes of TV, and a juice box.  Yeah, we're crazy with the treats around here. If he's having a normal day, I try to have the fireman makes it to the top of the stairs once per day.  The Lego fireman is so cute.  He's got an ax and everything.

So a couple days ago, I told Flik that the next time his fireman got to the top of the stairs, we'd get him a chocolate shake.  Later that day, I had Flik with me while I went through McDonald's drive-thru to get a a Diet Coke. Now he knew that back at home that fireman had not reached the top of the stairs, but he still really wanted me to get him a chocolate shake.

Mommy: Flik, I told you that we will get you a shake when the fireman reaches the top of the stairs.

Flik: I know. But can we PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE get a chocolate shake and bring it home and keep it in the freezer until the fireman reaches the top of the stairs.

Mommy: Sweetie, trust me, you don't want to keep your chocolate shake in the freezer.  It'll turn into a chocolate ice cube and you won't be able to drink it through the straw.

Flik: Then can we keep it in the 'frigerator?

Mommy: No, sweetie. If we keep it in the refrigerator it'll melt, and then you'll just have chocolate milk?

Flik: Then how do they keep the chocolate shakes at McDonald's?

Mommy: (My kid is so smart.) Well, they have a machine that keeps it really cold like a freezer, but it also keeps stirring and stirring it so that it never turns into an ice cube.

Flik: Then how do they get the chocolate shake out?

Mommy: It comes out through the spigot into a cup.

Flik: What's a "spigot"?

Mommy: Ummmm..... (Hmm) It's a.... (How the heck do you define a spigot?)... thing that stuff comes out of. (That was helpful. Could I be a little more vague? Seriously, though, what's a spigot?)

Flik: Like a chimney?

Mommy: No.  A chimney's not a spigot. A spigot is something liquids come out of, like water or soda.

Flik: But stuff comes out of a chimney; like smoke.  But mostly Santa.

(Mommy laughing.)

Flik: But Santa's not a liquid.

So I finally looked up the definition for "spigot" when I got home. If you would have told your kid, "it's a faucet," then you win a prize, because that's the best kid-friendly answer to that question there is. At the time I was kinda' trying to figure out how a spigot is different than a faucet. Guess I over thought it, because I doubt, "a regulator for controlling the flow of a liquid from a reservoir" would have been very helpful. Ah well, I know for next time.