Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disappearing Friends

While driving with Flik today, we had the following conversation:
Flik: Next time I have a party, for my birthday or something, I think I might make some of the kids disappear.

Mommy: (Trying to assume that there are good intentions here somewhere. Maybe he wants to be a magician.) Why do you want to make your friends disappear?

Flik: Because if I have too many friends, they'll eat all my cake?

Mommy: (Yeah, that's not what I was hoping for.) Well why don't we just get more cake so that there's enough for everyone?

Flik: But what if they still eat all my cake?

Mommy: Well then why don't we just invite fewer kids?

Flik: Nah. We can just make them disappear. That'd be easier.