Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is NOT Michael Jackson

Tonight while we were hanging out in the kitchen, Hubby decided to put on some music. His selection: Michael Jackson: History. Flik is a Michael Jackson fan. He likes to dance and Michael Jackson, well, need I say more? I don't recall what the first song we listened to was, but Flik got all excited. "I know this song!" he exclaimed in his panty, excited voice, "It's Michael Jackson!" He got up and danced a little and then came back to our project at the table. Next song up: Billie Jean. After it played for a few moments, we had the following exchange:
Flik: Who sings this song?
Mommy: Michael Jackson.
Flik: (looking perplexed) No. You're kidding!
Mommy: No, really. This song is Michael Jackson, too.
About a minute passes without further discussion on the song or artist.
Flik: Mommy, you're kidding. This is NOT Michael Jackson.
Mommy: Flik, sweetie. This is really Michael Jackson. Why do you think it's not Michael Jackson.
Flik: Because this doesn't sound like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is a boy.
Later, Flik entertained us with some dance moves set to Thriller. Check 'em out. Seriously folks, he's had no formal training.