Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Baseball Game

We took Flik to his first Major League baseball game last week. When he found out we were going (and bringing him along), he was beyond excited. (Mostly at the idea that the game starts at 7, which is his typical bedtime.) We left Z at home with our nanny and headed out. The excitement never waned. When the night was over and we were headed home, we asked him what his favorite part was. As expected, his answer was: "My favorite part was every part!" This included: arriving at the park, finding our seats, hot dogs, PEANUTS, throwing shells on the ground, throwing baseballs, wandering the park, fireworks, sitting on Daddy's shoulders, and (oh yeah) baseball. We left the game a little early, but still well past his bedtime. When we planted him in his bed, he was wiped. My favorite part: every part!